This page was last updated: March 13, 2011
Welcome to a new genre.  Welcome to a new way of dance.  Welcome to the very highest level of energy and love.  Welcome to the next generation.

Mac The Man brings you new sounds, new rhythms, new vibrations, new beats and new grooves to enjoy, whether you are driving, studying, dancing, shreddin' the pow-pow or just chilliaxin'.  These songs are brought to you with love, thought, excitement, and overall epic stoke.  Please Listen and Enjoy!
Born and raised in the mile-high pine-mountain town of Prescott, Arizona, Macallie Atkinson has absorbed and embraced the beauty of his small home town and has used his up-bringing to apply a unique perspective towards the bigger-city vibrations he rhythmically composes and injects into underground dance and electronic music scenes from the bay area in northern California, the glittery gulch of Las Vegas, all the way to places like Miami, Toronto and New York.  Listen in on the new, fresh perspective on today's' dance revolution, and you will undoubtedly feel the unique synergy that exists within Mac the Man's energetic and exciting musical compositions.
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